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Our Hotel

A Gem in Napa Valley

Authentic & Refined

Combining the splendor of Napa Valley’s storied past with contemporary updates and modern amenities, White House Napa offers a beautifully welcoming destination for your trip to California’s Wine Country. From the moment you step through our white-columned facade, expect the very best in hospitality. Stroll around town on foot or explore on one of our bicycles, before returning to your own Napa enclave.

Our History
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A Grand Beginning

Our building was first constructed as a Victorian mansion in 1886 by Emanuel Manasse, a German leather tanner who came to the United States and patented Napa leather. Manasse also created the leather baseball glove.

The Legacy Continues

When Manasse passed away, he left the stately property to his wife and six children. His wife added a gorgeous new staircase, and also converted the right side of the mansion into a boarding house.

Blue Ridge Manor

A couple later purchased the mansion from Mrs. Manasse. At the time, our property was called “Blue Ridge Manor.” The mansion changed hands a number of times after this, increasing greatly in value as the years went by.

Modern Marvels

In 2012, our property was fully renovated to offer a contemporary design with ultramodern features. The attic was opened up to allow space for additional guest rooms, making way for 17 accommodations in total.

Phenomenal Features